Platform Disruption Wave

Tru Publishing, 2016 M05 25 - 254 páginas
Platform, Disruption, Wave is a compelling account of how mega platforms are shaping the future of the global economy and shifting power from the West to the East.Authored by the leading authority on platforms and the "platform economy", Haydn Shaughnesy, Platform Disruption Wave explores the emerging mega platform phenomenon and compels readers to rethink their assumptions about how industries are disrupted.Shaughnessy explains the rise of the platform, the breadth of modern economic and social disruption, and the challenges these present to our way of life.Each of the three parts of Platform Disruption Wave provides a new layer of knowledge:Platform - Learn how platforms have evolved to better understand the growing public debate about this new type of enterprise.Disruption - Enables you to plan strategy around innovation and direct organizational change. Learn how the concept of disruptive innovation fits into a broader scheme of overlooked disruption vectors such as geopolitics, social organization and random factors.Wave - Reveals why mega platforms of China are restructuring how economies work and are poised to change the role of government, how they are introducing a whole new meaning to scale, and why America will surrender global power to the East without a shift in ideology. Additionally, examination of South Korean and Chinese platforms reveals superior organizational capabilities, making the argument that any western company wishing to remain relevant should emulate.Familiarize yourself with the economic pressures that threaten the stability of what we hold dear, allowing you to look deep into the future of business, society, and work, while raising vitally important questions about the future of prosperity in the west. Read Platform, Disruption, Wave now to gain essential knowledge to help you thrive in the platform economy.

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