Scamper on: Games for Imagination Development

Prufrock Press Inc., 1996 - 46 páginas
Scamper On allows your students to develop their imaginations through a series of guided activities in which they imagine different events of things. Whether they think up animals like ele-cam-phant by combining characteristics of the two or try to imagine the perfect meal, students are challenged to think creatively to develop their power of imagination. Each activity includes a description for the teacher as well as a complete text for the activity. Teachers are led through the imagination exercise step-by-step with cues on when to wait, how to modify the activity for more or less participation, and how to extend the activity. Each of the imagination activities is designed to fit easily within class time and has been tested by an experienced educator. Ideal for helping students develop imagination for writing classes, the activities are also useful for any class where students must think creatively. By allowing students the freedom to explore their imaginations, they are able to better develop their creativity skills. Book jacket.

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Bob Eberle is the author of Scamper: Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, Scamper On: More Creative Games and Activities for Imagination Development, and coauthor of CPS for Kids: A Resource Book for Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Children.

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