The Letters and Times of the Tylers, Volumen3

Whittet & Shepperson, 1896

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Página 71 - The recent demonstration of public sentiment inscribes on the list of executive duties, in characters too legible to be overlooked, the task of reform ; which will require particularly the correction of those abuses that have brought the patronage of the federal government into conflict with the freedom of elections, and the counteraction of those causes which have disturbed the rightful course of appointment, and have placed or continued power in unfaithful or incompetent hands.
Página 7 - Tyler was an earnest and patriotic supporter of the War of 1812 with Great Britain, and decided the first prize case arising out of the war. He held the office of District Judge until his death at "Greenway," Charles City County, Va., January 6, 1813, and died with the expression of his regret that he "could not live long enough to see that proud British nation once more humbled by American arms.
Página 8 - SIR — I have the honor to inform your excellency that I arrived here at eight in the morning, having had intelligence of a party of the enemy being in possession of a mill, which they abandoned at our approach...
Página 170 - Buren was the nominee. This could not be. I chose to run no hazard, but to raise the banner of Texas, and convoke my friends to sustain it. This was but a few weeks before the meeting of the convention. To my surprise, the notice which was thus issued brought together a thousand delegates, and from every State in the Union. Many called on me on their way to Baltimore to receive my views. My instructions were: 'Go to Baltimore, make your nomination, and then go home, and leave the thing to work its...
Página 170 - ... Texas was the great scheme that occupied me. The delegates to the Democratic Convention, or a very large majority of them, had been elected under implied pledges to sustain Van Buren. After his letter repudiating annexation a revulsion had become obvious, but how far it was to operate it was not possible to say. A majority of the delegates at least were believed still to remain in his favor. If he was nominated, the game to be played for Texas was all as one over. What was to be done? " My friends...
Página 131 - As a candidate fur public favor, I would not have you or any other to be committed on this question in advance — I do not therefore approach you as one of those now in the public eye as candidates for the chief magistracy, but as an illustrious citizen whose opinions would derive no additional force from any station, as I believe they would not be influenced by a desire to obtain it.
Página 51 - he was the most felicitous among the orators he had known ;" Alexander H. Stephens said that "his state papers compared favorably in point of ability with those of any of his predecessors ;" and Daniel Webster and Henry S.
Página 104 - How deeply do I regret that I cannot have your full concurrence in this procedure. But a Clay Congress can only be met in the way proposed — nor can the independence of the Executive or good of the country be otherwise advanced. If you could return it to me immediately after reading and suggesting changes, it would enable me to have it copied and off of hand this Evening. Most truly yours John Tyler *The paper sent waa the message of August 9, 1842, vetoing the tariff bill.
Página 25 - Virginia legislature, introduced resolutions in which the senators were taken to task, while the Virginia doctrines as to the unconstitutional character of the bank, and the binding force of instructions, were formally asserted. Mr. Tyler...
Página 25 - Jefferson, was a skilful performer on the violin. In 1809 he was admitted to the bar, and had already begun to obtain a good practice when he was elected to the legislature, and took his seat in that body in December, 1811. He was here a firm supporter of Mr. Madison's administration, and the war with Great Britain, which soon followed, afforded him an opportunity to become conspicuous as a forcible and persuasive orator.

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