Anatolica: By Harry Charles Luke

Macmillan, 1924 - 210 páginas

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Página 176 - If thy children will keep my covenant, and my testimonies that I shall learn them; their children also shall sit upon thy seat for evermore.
Página 48 - ... you please to have opened. She immediately rips open that you offer to her with a large needle (which gives you no more pain than a common scratch), and puts into the vein as much venom as can lie upon the head of her needle, and after that binds up the little wound with a hollow bit of shell ; and in this manner opens four or five veins.
Página 65 - But a better land is there Where Olympus cleaves the air, The high still dell Where the Muses dwell, Fairest of all things fair! O there is Grace, and there is the Heart's Desire, And peace to adore thee, thou Spirit of Guiding Fire!
Página 48 - People send to one another to know if any of their family has a mind to have the small-pox; they make parties for this purpose, and when they are met (commonly fifteen or sixteen together), the old woman comes with a nut-shell full of the matter of the best sort of small-pox, and asks what vein you please to have opened.
Página 48 - The Grecians have commonly the superstition of opening one in the middle of the forehead, one in each arm, and one in the breast, to mark the sign of the cross; but this has a very ill effect, all these wounds leaving little scars, and is not done by those that are not superstitious, who choose to have them in the legs, or that part XVIII — 640 of the arm that is concealed.
Página 48 - I am very well satisfied of the safety of this experiment since I intend to try it on my dear little son. I am patriot enough to take pains to bring this useful invention into fashion in England...
Página 48 - A propos of distempers, I am going to tell you a thing that will make you wish yourself here. The small-pox, so fatal, and so general amongst us, is here entirely harmless by the invention of ingrafting, which is the term they give it. There is a set of old women who make it their business to perform the operation every autumn, in the month of September, when the great heat is abated. People send to one another to know if any of their family has a mind to have the small-pox: they make parties for...
Página 3 - 0 my son ! observe prayer, and enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and be patient under whatever shall betide thee : for this is a bounden duty. And distort not thy face at men ; nor walk thou loftily on the earth ; for God loveth no arrogant vain-glorious one. ' But let thy pace be middling ; and lower thy voice ; for the least pleasing of voices is surely the voice of asses.
Página 48 - They have very rarely above twenty or thirty in their faces, which never mark ; and in eight days' time, they are as well as before their illness. Where they are wounded, there remain running sores during the distemper, which I don't doubt is a great relief to it. Every year thousands undergo this operation ; and the French ambassador says pleasantly, that they take the small-pox here by way of diversion, as they take the waters in other countries. There is no example of any one that has died in...
Página 63 - Laeta suas, ubi templum illi, centumque Sabaeo Ture calent arae sertisque recentibus halant. Corripuere viam interea, qua semita monstrat.

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