The Two Tariffs Compared and Both Found Wanting: In the Element of Protection for American Labor

Redding & Company, 1846 - 32 páginas
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Página 30 - Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake ; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.
Página 31 - In short, sir, we have been too long subject to the policy of British merchants. It is time that we should become a little more Americanized; and instead of feeding the paupers and laborers of England feed our own, or else in a short time by continuing our present policy we shall all be rendered paupers ourselves.
Página 30 - Europe are aware of it, and they have been determined upon its destruction, and have come to an understanding upon this subject, and have decided on the means to accomplish it; and they will eventually succeed by subversion rather than conquest." " All the low and surplus population of the different nations of Europe will be carried into that country; it is and will be a receptacle for the bad and disaffected population of Europe, when they are not wanted for soldiers, or to supply the navies ; and...
Página 30 - Security against foreign danger is one of the primitive objects of civil society. It is an avowed and essential object of the American Union. The powers requisite for attaining it must be effectually confided to the federal councils.
Página 31 - ... Protestantism. 3. The Papacy does not tolerate intellectual freedom. In his function as universal teacher, the Pope claims authority over the intellects of men. In an allocution condemning the Christian League, an organization for the circulation of the Scriptures in Italy, Gregory XVI. speaks as follows: "Accordingly it is your duty to remove from the hands of the faithful * Our Country, p. 48. Bibles translated into the vulgar tongue, such as have been published contrary to the decrees of the...
Página 31 - O'Connell, as the Pope's agent, as uttered by him in the Loyal National Repeal Association in Dublin, Ireland. It is addressed to Irish Catholics in the United States. Where you have the electoral franchise, give your votes to none but those who will assist you in so holy a struggle. You should do all in your power to carry out the pious intentions of his holiness the Pope. This is plain language ; there is no misunderstanding it. It is addressed to Papists, whether in Oregon or the United States,...
Página 30 - I hope we may find some means in future of shielding ourselves from foreign influence, political, commercial, or in whatever form it may be attempted. I can scarcely withhold myself from joining in the wish of Silas Deane — that there were an ocean of fire between this and the old world.
Página 30 - The result of the recent elections, in several States, has impressed my mind with one deep and strong conviction ; that is, that there is an imperative necessity for reforming the naturalization laws of the United States. The preservation of the government, and consequently the interest of all parties, in my opinion, clearly and strongly demand this. All are willing and desirous, of course, that America should continue to be the safe asylum for the oppressed of all nations. All are willing and desirous...
Página 30 - ... them — and they will become citizens — discord and civil war will follow— some popular man will take the lead to restore order — the European sovereigns will aid him — all the emigrants will join, and the government will be subverted.

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