Diary of Democracy: The Senate War Investigating Committee

R.R. Smith, 1947 - 277 páginas

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Página 15 - ... country, and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If, in the opinion •of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the constitution designates.
Página 36 - In my opinion, the power of investigation is one of the most important powers of the Congress. The manner In which that power is exercised will largely determine the position and prestige of the Congress in the future. An Informed Congress is a wise Congress ; an uninformed Congress surely will forfeit a large portion of the respect and confidence of the people.
Página 85 - It is reasonable to conclude that Alcoa had convinced . . . OPM of the adequacy of the supply in order to avoid the possibility that anyone else would go into a field which they had for so many years successfully monopolized.
Página 23 - ... program with respect to labor and the migration of labor; (6) the performance of contracts and the accountings required of contractors; (7) benefits accruing to contractors with respect to amortization for the purposes of taxation or otherwise; (8) practices of management or labor, and prices, fees, and charges, which interfere with such progran or unduly Increase its cost; and (9) such other matters as the committee deems appropriate.
Página 119 - They delivered to me assignments of some 2,000 foreign patents and we did our best to work out complete plans for a modus vivendi which would operate through the term of the war, whether or not the US came in.
Página 92 - As long as magnesium is produced by any . . . producing company under a license or licenses granted . . . the holders of the IG shares in Alig . . . shall have the right to limit the increases in production capacity of every such producing company after the initial contemplated production capacity shall have been reached. The initial contemplated production capacity shall in no case be more than 4,000 tons per annum.
Página 155 - On the contrary, the committee believes that most dollar-a-year and woc men are honest and conscientious, and that they would not intentionally favor big business. However, it is not their intentional acts that the committee fears, but their subconscious tendency, without which they would hardly be human, to judge all matters before them in the light of their past experiences and convictions.
Página 35 - Honorable FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, President of the United States, The White House, Washington, DC . MY DEAR ME.
Página 41 - A man's life, like a piece of tapestry, is made up of many strands which interwoven make a pattern; to separate a single one and look at it alone, not only destroys the whole, but gives the strand itself a false value.
Página 15 - I am not a pessimist. I believe that democratic government in this country can do all the things which common-sense people, seeing that picture as a whole, have the right to expect. I believe that these things can be done under the Constitution, without the surrender of a single one of the civil and religious liberties it was intended to safeguard. And I am determined that under the Constitution these things shall be done. The men who wrote the Constitution were the men who fought the Revolution.

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