Red White and Blue: The Issue

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 260 páginas
This book speaks to all Americans in one way or another. It is a true story of America's beginning, and God's divine providence. We are founded upon a principle that believes in the worship of the true God. It was and still is our belief that He designed this country to be a light and a savior for the world. This is evident by the fact most people are trying to come here, or seek our help. America has had its share of internal problems; the enslavement of the Black Africans, the killing of the Native Indians, the suppression of women, and the harsh treatment of Black Americans (Africans). Through all of this, God caused her to prosper. This book is the only book that states emphatically that in 1492, God designed a plan for many people from across the globe to make this country their home, and it gives the proofs as evidence. The means of getting us into this country may not be understood, but the ends can not be denied and are much appreciated. Every American needs this book. This book will help us to become better Americans. This book teaches us the importance of our citizenship; The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty and the Flag (which embodies all that we are). It shows us where we came from and where we are going. There is a divine guidance system at work in America. America is the Promised Land. The poem engraved on Lady Liberty's pedestal epitomizes this very philosophy. This book is a correspondence panacea to heal the past wounds of the Blacks, the Indians, the Women and the Whites in America. As we forgive the past, we can enjoy the spiritual and material prosperity that God promised to us through Abraham.

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