We the People

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The drills in this book are intended to help your basketball program. Preparing your team to perform at game time is what practice is all about. I have learned that training the team to respond to different situations and adversity during practice will make the team more adaptable and comfortable with the demands placed on them at game time.

I have used all the drills in this book during my own practices and they helped not only keep my team motivated during practice but also instilled confidence in their own skills so they were not afraid to push themselves at game time. Confident players are more versatile at game time and can perform the plays that help win the game.

As a coach, hearing the words, "I get it, Coach!" is music to my ears. When my players understand how to execute my plays, my drills or the methods I am working during practice it is the greatest feeling.

One of the most effective ways to build confident players is to keep your players sharp in the area of fundamentals. Providing a good base of technical skills will pay off at game time. There is a right way and a wrong way to everything and as a coach it is our job to instruct our players how to do things the right way. As a coach, having five fundamentally sound, confident players on the floor is a dream come true. There is no better feeling then coaching a skilled and motivated team to a win.

The drills in this book will help you build your team's confidence by practicing and building on their fundamental skills and most of all adding some variety will keep them motivated.


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