Physical Review

American Physical Society, 1912
In Feb. 1903, the separate publication of the Bulletin of the American Physical Society was discontinued and Its Proceedings published in the Physical review.


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Página 309 - Abstract of a paper presented at the New York meeting of the American Physical Society and the A.
Página 226 - Abstract of a paper presented at the Washington Meeting of the Physical Society, April 21, 1906.
Página 133 - The principle of relativity accounts for the negative result of the experiment of Michelson and Morley, but without an ether how do we account for the interference phenomena which made that experiment possible? There are only two ways yet thought of to account for the passage of light through space. Are the supporters of the theory of relativity going to return to the corpuscles of Newton?
Página 469 - E are the complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind respectively...
Página 135 - I do not believe that there is any man now living who can assert with truth that he can conceive a time which is a function of velocity or is willing to go to the stake for the conviction that his 'now...
Página 302 - A comparison of the results in Table II. with those in Table I...
Página 136 - A theory becomes intelligible when it is expressed in terms of the primary concepts of force, space and time, as they are understood by the whole race of man. When a physical law is expressed in terms of those concepts we feel that we have a reason for it, we rest intellectually satisfied on the ultimate basis of immediate knowledge. Have we not a right to ask of those leaders of thought to whom we owe the development of the theory of relativity...
Página 135 - A description of phenomena in terms of four dimensions in space would be unsatisfactory to me as an explanation, because by no stretch of my imagination can I make myself believe in the reality of a fourth dimension. The description of phenomena in terms of a time which is a function of the velocity of the body on which I reside will be, I fear, equally unsatisfactory to me, because, try I ever so hard, I can not make myself realize that such a time is conceivable.
Página 419 - It has been shown that: 1. The loss of heat from wires by free convection takes place exactly as if there were a film of stationary gas around the wire, through which the heat is carried entirely by conduction. 2. The thickness of the film is independent of the temperature of the wire, but probably increases with increasing temperature of the surrounding gas. 3. The loss of heat from very small platinum (also copper) wires by radiation is negligibly small up to temperatures of several hundred degrees.
Página 224 - ... at the Annual Meeting. Each ballot shall contain one or more names proposed by the Council for each office to be filled, with blank spaces in which the voter may substitute other names. A plurality of all votes cast, whether cast in person or by mail, shall be necessary for election.

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