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"This work marks an epoch in the history-writing of this country."-St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


HOUSEHOLD HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND ITS PEOPLE. FOR YOUNG AMERICANS. By EDWARD EGGLESTON, Richly illustrated with 350 Drawings, 75 Maps, etc. Square 8vo. Cloth, $2.50.


The present work is meant, in the first instance, for the young- not alone for boys and girls, but for young men and women who have yet to make themselves familiar with the more important features of their country's history. By a book for the young is meant one in which the author studies to make his statements clear and explicit, in which curious and picturesque details are inserted, and in which the writer does not neglect such anecdotes as Jend the charm of a human and personal interest to the broader facts of the nation's story. That history is often tiresome to the young is not so much the fault of history as of a false method of writing by which one contrives to relate events without sympathy or imagination, without narrative connection or animation. The attempt to master vague and general records of kiln-dried facts is certain to beget in the ordinary reader a repulsion from the study of history-one of the very most important of all studies for its widening influence on general culture.


"Fills a decided gap which has existed for the past twenty years in American historical literature. The work is admirably planned and executed, and will at once take its place as a standard record of the life, growth, and development of the nation. It is profusely and beautifully illustrated."-Boston Transcript.

"The book in its new dress makes a much


finer appearance than
before, and will be wel-
comed by older readers
as gladly as its predeces-
sor was greeted by girls



and boys. The lavish use the publishers have made of colored plates, woodcuts, and photographic reproductions, gives an unwonted piquancy to the printed page, catching the eye as surely as the text engages the mind."-New York Critic.

"The author writes history as a story. It can never be less than that. The book will enlist the interest of young people, enlighten their understanding, and by the glow of its statements fix the great events of the country firmly in the mind."-San Francisco Bulletin.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The True Story of a Great

With numerous Illustrations. New and revised edition, with
an introduction by HORACE WHITE. In two volumes. 12mo.
Cloth, $3.00.

This is probably the most intimate life of Linccin ever written. The book, by Lincoln's law-partner, William H. Herndon, and his friend Jesse W. Weik, shows us Lincoln the man. It is a true picture of his surroundings and influences and acts. It is not an attempt to construct a political history, with Lincoln often in the background, nor is it an effort to apotheosize the American who stands first in our history next to Washington. The writers knew Lincoln intimately. Their book is the result of unreserved association. There is no attempt to portray the man as other than he really was, and on this account their frank testimony must be accepted, and their biography must take permanent rank as the best and most illuminating study of Lincoln's character and personality. Their story, simply told, relieved by characteristic anecdotes, and vivid with local color, will be found a fascinating work.

"Truly, they who wish to know Lincoln as he really was must read the biography of him written by his friend and law-partner, W. H. Herndon. This book was imperatively needed to brush aside the rank growth of myth and legend which was threatening to hide the real lineaments of Lincoln from the eyes of posterity. On one pretext or another, but usually upon the plea that he was the central figure of a great historical picture, most of his self-appointed biographers have, by suppressing a part of the truth and magnifying or embellishing the rest, produced portraits which those of Lincoln's contemporaries who knew him best are scarcely able to recognize. There is, on the other hand, no doubt about the faithfulness of Mr. Herndon's delineation. The marks of unflinching veracity are patent in every line."-New York Sun.

"Among the books which ought most emphatically to have been written must be classed 'Herndon's Lincoln.'”-Chicago Inter-Ocean.

"The author has his own notion of what a biography should be, and it is simple enough. The story should teil all, plainly and even bluntly. Mr. Herndon is naturally a very direct writer, and he has been industrious in gathering material. Whether an incident happened before or behind the scenes, is all the same to him. He gives it without artifice or apology. He describes the life of his friend Lincoln just as he saw it."-Cincinnati Commercial Gazette.

"A remarkable piece of literary achievement-remarkable alike for its fidelity to facts, its fullness of details, its constructive skill, and its literary charm."-New York Times.

"It will always remain the authentic life of Abraham Lincoln."—Chicago Herald. "The book is a valuable depository of anecdotes, innumerable and characteristic. It has every claim to the proud boast of being the 'true story of a great life.'”—Philadelphia Ledger.

"Will be accepted as the best biography yet written of the great President."— Chicago Inter-Ocean.

"Mr. White claims that, as a portraiture of the man Lincoln, Mr. Herndon's work will never be surpassed.' Certainly it has never been equaled yet, and this new ediSion is all that could be desired."-New York Observer.

"The three portraits of Lincoln are the best that exist; and not the least characteristic of these, the Lincoln of the Douglas debates, has never before been engraved. Herndon's narrative gives, as nothing else is likely to give, the material from which we may form a true picture of the man from infancy to maturity."-The Nation

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.


BIOGRAPHY. Complete in six volumes, royal 8vo, containing about 800 pages each. With sixty-one fine steel portraits and some two thousand smaller vignette portraits and views of birthplaces, residences, statues, etc.

APPLETONS' CYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, edited by General JAMES GRANT WILSON, President of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, and Professor JOHN FISKF, formerly of Harvard University, assisted by over two hundred special contributors, contains a biographical sketch of every person eminent in American civil and military history, in law and politics, in divinity, in literature and art, in science and in invention. Its plan embraces all the countries of North and South America, and includes distinguished persons born abroad, but related to American history. As events are always connected with persons, it affords a complete compendium of American history in every branch of human achievement. An exhaustive topical and analytical Index enables the reader to follow the history of any subject with great readiness.

"It is the most complete work that exists on the subject. The tone and guiding spirit of the book are certainly very fair, and show a mind bent on a discriminate, just, and proper treatment of its subject "-From the Hon. GEORGE Bancroft.

"The portraits are remarkably good. To any one interested in Amercan history or literature, the Cyclopædia will be indispensable."—From the Hon. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL.

"The selection of names seems to be liberal and just. The portraits, so far as I can judge, are faithful, and the biographies trustworthy."-From NOAH PORTER, D. D., LL. D., ex-President of Yale College.

"A most valuable and interesting work."-From the Hon. WM. E. GLADSTONE. "I have examined it with great interest and great gratification. It is a noble work, and does enviable credit to its editors and publishers.". ."-From the Hon. ROBERT C. WINTHROP.

"I have carefully examined 'Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography,' and do not hesitate to commend it to favor. It is admirably adapted to use in the family and the schools, and is so cheap as to come within the reach of all classes of readers and students."-From J. B. FORAKER, ex-Governor of Ohio.

"This book of American biography has come to me with a most unusual charnı. It sets before us the faces of great Americans, both men and women, and gives us a perspective view of their lives. Where so many noble and great have lived and wrought, one is encouraged to believe the soil from which they sprang, the air they breathed, and the sky over their heads, to be the best this world affords, and one says, 'Thank God, I also am an American!' We have many books of biography, but I have seen none so ample, so clear-cut, and breathing so strongly the best spirit of our native land. No young man or woman can fail to find among these ample pages some model worthy of imitation." 1."-From FRANCES E. WILLARD, President N. W. C. T. U.

"I congratulate you on the beauty of the volume, and the thoroughness of the work."-From Bishop PHILLIPS BROOKS.

"Every day's use of this admirable work confirms me in regard to its comprehensiveness and accuracy."-From CHARLES DUDLEY Warner.

Price, per volume, cloth or buckram, $5.00; sheep, $6.00; half calf or half mo rocco, $7.00. Sold only by subscription. Descriptive circular, with specimen pages, sent on application. Agents wanted for districts not yet assigned

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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The following are in press or in preparation:

General Hancock. By General FRANCIS A. WALKER.
General Sherman. By General MANNING F. FORCE

General Grant. By General JAMES GRANT WILSON.

Admiral Porter. By JAMES F. SOLEY, late Assistant Sec. of Navy. General Lee. By General FITZHUGH LEE.

General Sheridan. By General HENRY E. DAVIES.

"This series of books promises much, both by their subjects and by the men who have anderssiken to write them. They are just the reading for young men and women, delightful reading for men and women of any age."-The Evangelist.

New York: D, APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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