The Constitution of the United States Compared with Our Own

The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2006 - 389 páginas
In this comparative study of the American and English constitutions, Tremenheere follows the arrangement of Story's Commentaries and "state[s] in as compendious a manner as is consistent with clearness, the substance of that learned judge's remarks and opinions, upon each of the most important articles of the Constitution." To this he adds "the observations of the authors of the 'Federalist,' and also those of Mr. Justice Kent, under the same heads, together with extracts from any other writers whose facts and opinions may seem worthy of consideration in connection with those of the above principal authorities" (Introduction). Tremenheere [1804-1893] was a member of the Inner Temple. The author of six exhaustive reports on child labor, his work was the foundation for at least fourteen acts of Parliament.

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