The Right of the General Government to Lease Mineral Lands ...

Bagg & Harmon, 1846 - 28 páginas

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Página 15 - The inhabitants of the said territory, shall always be entitled to the benefits of the writ of habeas corpus, and of the trial by jury; of a proportionate representation of the people in the legislature, and of judicial proceedings according to the course of the common law.
Página 20 - And whenever any of the said states shall have sixty thousand free inhabitants therein, such state shall be admitted, by its delegates, into the Congress of the United States, on an equal footing with the original states, in all respects whatever...
Página 18 - States, such stipulation would have been void and inoperative, because the United States have no constitutional capacity to -exercise municipal jurisdiction, sovereignty, or eminent domain within the limits of a State or elsewhere, except in the cases in which it is expressly granted.
Página 25 - When the Revolution took place the people of each State became themselves sovereign, and in that character hold the absolute right to all their navigable waters, and the soils under them, for their own common use, subject only to the rights since surrendered by the Constitution to the general government.
Página 19 - September last ; that is to say, upon condition that the territory so ceded shall be laid out and formed Into states, containing a suitable extent of territory, not less than one hundred nor more than one hundred and fifty miles square...
Página 19 - Virginia inclusive according to their usual respective proportions in the general charge and expenditure and shall be faithfully and bona fide disposed of for that purpose and for no other use or purpose whatsoever.
Página 26 - By the preceding course of reasoning we have arrived at these general conclusions. : First, the shores of navigable waters, and the soils under them, were not granted by the Constitution to the United States, but were reserved to the States respectively.
Página 7 - State therein, shall be regulated by future action between Congress on the part of the United States, and the said State, or the authorities thereof; and the said State of Michigan shall in no case, and under no pretence whatsoever, impose any tax, assessment or imposition of any description, upon any of the lands of the United States within its limits.
Página 20 - Commonwealth hath to the territory or tract of country within the limits of the Virginia charter, situate, lying and being to the northwest of the river Ohio, to and for the uses and purposes, and on the conditions of the said recited act.
Página 14 - States, that said state shall never interfere with the primary disposal of the soil within the same, by the United States, or with any regulations congress may find necessary for securing the title in said soil to bona fide purchasers thereof ; and that no tax shall be imposed on lands belonging to the United States, and that in no case shall non-resident proprietors be taxed higher than residents.

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